Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

As part of the Cinemasia Film Festival on Tour 2017 KINO film theater in Rotterdam will be screening Derek Tsang’s excellent 2016 movie Soulmate (七月与安生) on May 7th at 19:30, followed by a talkshow about China’s Generation Y featuring ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander and blogger Jing Chu (FAB蜜). About the movie While taking the subway home from work in Shanghai, Ansen (Zhou Dongyu) has a fateful encounter with old flame Jia-ming (Li Cheng-bin). He informs her of the existence of ‘Soul Mate’: an online, autobiographical serial chronicling Ansen’s former friendship with author July (Yao Xinyan). When Ansen starts reading the serial, […]

Soulmate and China’s Generation Y