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Thanks to all attendees for joining the second session of our nexxworks Webinar Series with Ed Sander. We talked about “tech to the rescue” to keep economies and businesses running, with tangible examples from health, retail and other industries.  If you haven’t been able to join the broadcast you can watch the recording below. Some links of resources Ed referred to in his presentation: The article in Harvard Business Review Ed mentioned at the end. A good watch during quarantine times is the People’s Republic of Desire documentary we mentioned.   Ed Sander also wrote a piece for nexxworks’ our […]

Watch: Tech in times of Corona (Nexxworks Webinar Series)

Launching our new free webinar series: How China dealt with COVID-19 and how its learnings can help you cope. Friday March 20th 10:00 AM: Jan Van Loon – A deep dive into the crisis’ socio-political context, illustrated with personal China experiences Friday March 27th 10:00 AM: Ed Sander – The ways that China used the potential of apps and platforms to keep its economy running Friday April 3rd 10:00 AM: Pascal Coppens – How China has adopted innovation in its society in a time of crisis, and what we can learn from that Time shows in Amsterdam time. ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander […]

Nexxworks Webinar Series : How China dealt with COVID-19

On the 24th of September in Shanghai, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander appeared as a guest speaker at a Speakers Series event organised by St. James’s Place Wealth Management. After a previous delivery of his lecture on China’s Social Credit System in April this year, Ed was invited by St. James’s Place to repeat his talk for their Speakers Series. Some 150 people attended the lecture, which was very well received. A sample of 38 participants that filled out the post-event survey rated the talk with 4,5/5 for both content and delivery. A recording of an earlier version of this lecture can […]

Successful St. James’s Place event on Social Credit

In 2014 the Chinese government announced the implementation of a social credit system in 2020. In recent years many different local pilots, as well as a centrally administrated joint punishment system have been initiated. Many western media have described the system as Orwellian and dystopian and often compared it to an episode of the popular TV series Black Mirror. But thorough research by academics published in a variety of papers paints a more nuanced picture. In this session, China tech watcher Ed Sander will discuss the origins, elements and biggest misconceptions about the social credit system. His lecture is followed […]

St. James’s Place Speaker Series: China’s Social Credit System Explained

In the past months I have had the opportunity to tell students of several universities and universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands about the misconceptions around China’s social credit system. During one of these guest lectures we asked the students to do their own research about the topic and present their views before I did my talk. The result was shocking … In their own desk research using maninstream media they had been convinced by the same misconceptions I was trying to debunk. My own presentation left them baffled about the misinformation that they had found in the media […]

China’s Social Credit System – Revisited and Extended

Van de MIX website: De Europese retailpers is lovend over New Retail in China. Dáár gebeurt het. Dus ging MIX zelf een kijkje nemen met Ed Sander van ChinaTalk. En op de MIX-sessie vertelt Ed over alle voorbeelden die we gezien hebben. Interesse in #Newretail? In het ware verhaal achter de innovatieve concepten in de gigantische Chinese markt? China-kenner Ed Sander (艾德) liet ze me zien in Shanghai en Beijing en komt er over vertellen op de MIX-sessie van 22 mei. De Nationale DHZ Sessie van 22 mei is het netwerkevent voor de DHZ-sector. In het KNVB-centrum in Zeist komen […]

New Retail in China @ Nationale DHZ-Sessie 2019

On March 21st in Shanghai, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander will try to separate fact and fiction regarding China’s Social Credit System (spoiler alert: most of the text below is fiction). Ed will be one of two speakers at an event called Talking China organised by Hutong School. From the Hutong School website: Do you consider yourself to be a good citizen? Where did you base your answer on? Did you base it on how often you would run a red light, jaywalking or forgetting to pay your fines? Imagine that every citizen would be rated based on such behaviors and that […]

Talking China – Behind China’s Social Credit System

Op woensdag 27 februari om 19.30 uur geeft ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander een lezing over digitale innovatie in China op het Theresialyceum in Tilburg. Naast Ed’s presentatie zullen er voor het publiek ook volop mogelijkheden zijn om vragen te stellen en mee te discussiëren. Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich aanmelden op de website van het Theresialyceum. Onderstaande bericht verscheen in de Tilburgse Koerier:

Lezing Digitale ontwikkelingen in China op het Theresialyceum Tilburg

Stichting Fris, Trimm, Nextport China en ChinaTalk nodigen je uit voor het trendseminar ‘Digital & Retail Revolution in China’ op 5 februari aanstaande. Het kennis evenement voor wie meer wil weten over de mogelijkheden van zaken doen in China en de werking van online marketing. We beginnen de avond met een quick dinner zodat je met gevulde maag aan het seminar kunt deelnemen (en dus meteen vanuit kantoor kunt komen. 🙂 Datum: 5 februari Locatie: Trimm, Moutlaan 25, Enschede (route) Start quick dinner: 18:00 Start programma: 18:30 Afsluiting en borrel: ca. 21:00 Aanmelden: Eventbrite Wist je dat China binnen 10 […]

Fris trendseminar ‘Digital & Retail Revolution in China’

2 november 2019 – Beeckestijn Business School in Leusden Door Robbert Boonk Ed Sander, China expert, getrouwd met een Chinese, spreekt Chinees, denkt half Chinees en weet alles van de digitale revolutie die gaande is aan die andere kant van de wereld. Ed heeft inmiddels 5 zeer lezenswaardige boeken geschreven over dit enorme land. “China Talk 1 t/m 5”, waarin hij zijn blog bundelt in, natuurlijk, rode boekjes. Fred Sengers, eveneens China expert, is journalist en is voor vele bekende bladen en TV programma’s hoofdredacteur geweest. Van Marketing Tribune tot Nieuwe Revue en van de voorloper van ‘Goedemorgen Nederland’ tot […]

Verslag Beeckestijn Clinic China’s Technologische Revolutie: Met Ed en Fred ...

On the 4th of October 2018 ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander gave a lecture about China’s social credit system at the University of Applied Sciences in The Hague, as part of two hour program on government control by himself and Fred Sengers. In this 28 minute presentation Ed tries to paint a more nuanced picture of the social credit system then those that normally appear in western media. He does so by debunking the 3 biggest misconceptions about the system. We would like to aplogize for the variations in volume, caused by the venues speaker system. A longer, 1 hour version of […]

Watch: The Social Credit System – 3 Biggest Misconceptions

On October 4th, between 16:00 and 18:00 hours, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander and China expert Fred ‘Blogaap‘ Sengers will deliver an interactive two hour lecture at Thge Lighthouse, the Center for debate and culture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The information below is taken from the website of The Lighthouse. Propaganda, Censorship, Surveillance and Social Credit Interactive lecture by Fred Sengers and Ed Sander The Chinese government uses various means to steer and influence the behaviour of its citizens, from the use of propaganda to propagate its positive message to censorship of critical reactions from in and outside China. […]

Event: How China keeps its citizens in line – The ...