Workshop Chinese Tourism
On 13 and 14 December 2017 ChinaTalk, Horsten International and NextportChina organized their second series of workshops in the Netherlands and in Belgium. For these two sessions the theme was Chinese Tourism. On their website, Horsten International recalls: “Ed Sander of ChinaTalk started the workshop by giving an introduction about the latest trends and developments of China’s booming outbound tourism, offering big opportunities for many Dutch and Belgian companies active in the tourism and cultural industry.” “Then Bart Horsten talked about different case studies and best practices of some of Horsten International’s tourism projects, giving a lot of practical tips about how to use […]

Successful Workshops Chinese Tourism

China’s outbound tourism is booming. As a result a growing number of Chinese tourists are visiting Europe, where the Netherlands and Belgium are gaining in popularity as well. Especially among the fast growing number of Chinese Free Individual Travellers (FITs) the Benelux has become a must-go destination. This clearly offers big opportunities for many Dutch and Belgian companies active in the tourism and cultural industry. But where to start in making your location or destination so-called ‘China-ready’? The behaviour of Chinese tourists is very different compared to tourists from other countries. They have their own driving needs, preferences and use […]

Workshop: How to Reach and Engage With Chinese Tourists?

On the 14th and 15th of June 2017 ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander was one of the lecturers at a workshop about e-Commerce and Social Media in China, an initiative that also featured NexportChina‘s Thijs van der Toom and Horsten International‘s Bart Horsten (for full details about the program, click here). Over two sessions in Belgium and The Netherlands close to 40 participants attended the workshop and the reactions were highly positive as can be seen from the following results of the survey among the participants. More than half of the respondents said the workshop increased their knowledge substantially. More than 93% […]

Successful workshops e-Com & Social Media in China

In the past years cross-border e-commerce has seen a tremendous growth in China. Chinese consumers are increasingly buying European products, not only via online purchasing at home but also while visiting Europe as a tourist. Many Belgian and Dutch companies are already benefitting from this development, but there is still a large group of companies with great potential for which China is still a black box. This is not that surprising as the Chinese market is indeed very different from what we are used to in Belgium and The Netherlands. If we look at China’s e-commerce and social media landscape […]

Workshop E-Commerce and Social Media in China – 14 & ...

In March 2017 ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander gave a series of lectures for the students of Saxion’s minor ‘Doing business with China’. The lectures, which covered topics like e-commerce, social media and consumer behavior took the form of Q&A sessions. The students, after doing self-study on the week’s topic, would submit their questions prior to the lecture. Ed would then give the answers and have further discussions with the students. One of the lectures concerned Chinese consumer behaviour and tourism. In the seven videos below we have combined the slides and recorded audio of the lecture to create so-called slidecasts. Each […]

The Saxion Q&A Sessions – Part 1: Consumer Behavior & ...

Veel bedrijven kijken met interesse naar de ontwikkeling van de consumentenmarkt in China en willen ook een deel van de koek. Maar de grote vraag was altijd: hoe krijg je toegang tot die markt? De komst van Tmall Global in februari 2014 en de razendsnelle ontwikkeling van andere e-commerce platformen en sociale media in China bieden nieuwe mogelijkheden voor westerse bedrijven. Tijdens een seminar van Kamer van Koophandel Kempen geven enkele China experts een overzicht van deze nieuwe mogelijkheden om de Chinese honger naar authentieke westerse producten te stillen en daarnaast delen ze ook enkele praktijkervaringen met de deelnemers. Inhoud […]

Seminar: Uw product op de Chinese markt?

Jessica Sun - Two Worlds Part 1
On June 17th 2015 ChinaTalk’s Jessica Sun delivered a training to the R&D staff of Punch Powertrain. This training is now available on YouTube in the form of two slidecasts in which the recorded audio is combined with Jessica’s Powerpoint slides. In the first part of the training Jessica discusses a few typical cultural differences between China and Western countries including some that Punch’s staff have experienced. In the second part Jessica explains the Chinese psyche through 4 concepts: mianzi, guanxi, jiti & ling dao. She illustrates these concepts using personal experiences in both China and the Netherlands and shares […]

Slidecast: Two Worlds – China vs the West

In juni verzorgt ChinaTalk een training voor de Punch Academy, het intern opleidingsinstituut van Punch Powertrain. De Chinese markt wordt steeds belangrijker voor Punch Powertrain, producent van transmissiesystemen. Het bedrijf vergroot daarom graag haar kennis over dit land met haar groeiende middenklasse en daarmee gepaard gaande exploderende afname van personenauto’s. Het eerste deel van de training wordt verzorgd door Jessica Sun. Zij zal het team enkele belangrijke karaktertrekken en gewoonten van de Chinese consument bijbrengen. In het tweede deel legt Ed Sander uit wat de belangrijkste consumententrends zijn, met speciale aandacht voor ontwikkelingen op internet en smartphone. Ook interesse in […]

ChinaTalk verzorgt training voor Punch Powertrain

Volksuniversiteit Oss
Voor Volksuniversiteit Oss verzorgde ChinaTalk’s Jessica Sun in april een cursus ‘Kennismaking met China’ van drie avonden. De cursus, die oorspronkelijk bedoeld was voor mensen die binnenkort op reis zouden gaan naar China, bleek diverse andere belangstellenden te trekken, waaronder de ouders van een geadopteerd Chinees kindje, personen die ooit in China geweest waren en meer over het land wilden weten en iemand met Chinese collega’s. In totaal namen 13 mensen deel aan de cursus die onderwerpen bevatte als cultuurverschillen, omgangsvormen en informatie over Chinese feestdagen, eten en familiebanden. De cursus als geheel, inclusief locatie en informatievoorziening, kreeg van de […]

Succesvolle lancering cursus ‘Kennismaking met China’