Soulmate and China’s Generation Y


As part of the Cinemasia Film Festival on Tour 2017 KINO film theater in Rotterdam will be screening Derek Tsang’s excellent 2016 movie Soulmate (七月与安生) on May 7th at 19:30, followed by a talkshow about China’s Generation Y featuring ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander and blogger Jing Chu (FAB蜜).


About the movie

While taking the subway home from work in Shanghai, Ansen (Zhou Dongyu) has a fateful encounter with old flame Jia-ming (Li Cheng-bin). He informs her of the existence of ‘Soul Mate’: an online, autobiographical serial chronicling Ansen’s former friendship with author July (Yao Xinyan). When Ansen starts reading the serial, she gets flooded with repressed, emotional memories spanning two decades of her life. Despite being polar opposites, the rebellious Ansen and the modest July seemed destined to remain best friends for life, ever since forming an almost inseparable bond at age thirteen. This all changed, however, when Jia-ming entered their lives, and the three formed a close-knit group of friends; a triangle that would impact their plans for the future in a most unexpected and tragic manner.

Soulmate is based on the critically acclaimed bestseller of author Anni Baopei. The film won two Best Actress Awards at the Golden Horse Awards 2016, and received twelve nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2017. The film is spoken in Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles.

About the talkshow

The film is followed by a 30 minute talkshow on China’s Generation Y, the younger generation. Looking at the drastic changes that China has undergone since the 1980s, what comes to light when zooming in on the maturing youth born in the post 80s and 90s that shapes China’s future? These youngsters grew up against the backdrop of China’s rapid economic growth and the family planning policy. More economically affluent, keen on traveling and web savvy compared with older generations, even often stereotyped as the ‘little emperors’. What’s it like growing up in a country with strong collectivist traditions at one hand, while living live in its own terms? How does China’s Gen Y redefine modernity in its own way?

Talk with: Ed Sander – author and guest lecturer on digital and modern China (ChinaTalk,, Jing Chu – FAB蜜 blogger on WeChat portraying women in contemporary society and PR professional.
Moderator: Ian Yang – CinemAsia programmer and professional in cultural exchange projects between Europe and the greater China.

In collaboration with the Chinese Student Association of Erasmus University (CSA-EUR)

For more information and tickets, please visit the KINO website or Cinemasia website.