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In the past months I have had the opportunity to tell students of several universities and universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands about the misconceptions around China’s social credit system. During one of these guest lectures we asked the students to do their own research about the topic and present their views before I did my talk. The result was shocking … In their own desk research using maninstream media they had been convinced by the same misconceptions I was trying to debunk. My own presentation left them baffled about the misinformation that they had found in the media […]

China’s Social Credit System – Revisited and Extended

On March 21st in Shanghai, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander will try to separate fact and fiction regarding China’s Social Credit System (spoiler alert: most of the text below is fiction). Ed will be one of two speakers at an event called Talking China organised by Hutong School. From the Hutong School website: Do you consider yourself to be a good citizen? Where did you base your answer on? Did you base it on how often you would run a red light, jaywalking or forgetting to pay your fines? Imagine that every citizen would be rated based on such behaviors and that […]

Talking China – Behind China’s Social Credit System

For several years the media have been fascinated with China’s social credit system. Every couple of months the topic raises its ugly head again. Scary stories about an Orwellian society where everybody gets a score have the public rage on social media against the inhumane situation in China. But having studied the social credit system for the same number of years I have found that the media not only presents misinterpretations to their viewers and readers, it also knowingly misinforms them. I worked as an international volunteer at a Chinese NGO in a time of scandals about China’s Red Cross. […]

Blending Fact and Fiction – How Mainstream Media Misinform Us ...