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In 2014 the Chinese government announced the implementation of a social credit system in 2020. In recent years many different local pilots, as well as a centrally administrated joint punishment system have been initiated. Many western media have described the system as Orwellian and dystopian and often compared it to an episode of the popular TV series Black Mirror. But thorough research by academics published in a variety of papers paints a more nuanced picture. In this session, China tech watcher Ed Sander will discuss the origins, elements and biggest misconceptions about the social credit system. His lecture is followed […]

St. James’s Place Speaker Series: China’s Social Credit System Explained

In the first part of this series of two articles on Chinese historical propaganda songs we looked at the lyrics and themes in songs that were popular prior to China’s opening up. In this second part we investigate how lyrics and themes changed after opening up. After the revolutionary period, in which individual emotions were denied, people were craving for different music (Baranovitch 2003: 12). During this period foreign music, among many other cultural products, influenced Chinese people’s aesthetics. In my exploration I will focus on the 1990s since it was approximately 10 years after opening up, and many changes […]

Propaganda Songs – Part 2: after opening up