ChinaTalk supports Saxion’s minor ‘Doing Business with China’


In August 2016 Saxion Hospitality Business School in Deventer will start a new minor ‘Doing Business with China’.

ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander assisted Marion Holtkamp and Thierry Tartarin of Saxion during the development of the minor by helping determine the necessary topics within the course as well as giving suggestions for study materials. In September Ed will give three guest lectures as part of the minor:

  • Chinese Consumer Behaviour
  • E-Commerce en M-Commerce
  • Social Media & Digital Innovation

Saxion writes the following about the minor:

Today’s business world knows no borders and it is dynamic and technically demanding. Between European and Asian countries cooperation as well as competition is rapidly increasing. In this global business environment where cultural, economical and political differences are huge, an agile, reflective, critical, and entrepreneurial attitude is essential in conducting business successfully. With this minor students will be able to acquire knowledge and skills that help them to tackle real issues in real business cases in an international undertaking between China and the Netherlands.

The minor consists of lectures, seminars, field trips, expert meetings, field research (in the Netherlands and China), reflective and creative sessions.

Dutch and international (guest)lecturers will share their knowledge in an interactive manner. In small classrooms (max. 16), students work individually and in teams, this process they will be guided by their coach.

In quarter 2 or 4 students will travel to China for two weeks to do business research. This is combined with activities to firsthand experience how the Chinese live and think.

Students acquire knowledge and skills that allow them to conduct business in China with confidence, and also enable them to benefit from business opportunities China offers in Europe.
Students are challenged to find solutions for real and actual business cases, which includes the development of a prestigious Dutch theme and retail park, to open in 2020.

Furthermore, students learn the basics of Chinese language (HSK level 1= CEF A1) and explore the rich and characteristic Chinese culture. Art will be the focal point in this journey, which also contributes to the student’s personal intercultural development. In the subject ‘China in the world’, students learn about the international relations and politics of China.