Classroom Course: Conversational Chinese

ChinaTalk offers online classroom courses to help you improve your spoken Chinese.

For whom?

  • You have been studying Chinese for a while, but you are not sure about your pronunciation and/or sentence structure.
  • You have studied Chinese but don’t have much experience with real conversations.
  • You already speak Chinese well, but you don’t have many opportunities to use it and you keep forgetting what you have learned.
  • You want to continuously improve and perfect your Chinese speaking skills.

What will you learn in this course?

Based on her experiences, your teacher is very aware of common mistakes students of the Chinese language make. The course is designed to create awareness of these mistakes and learn to avoid them through exercises. Furthermore, your teacher helps you to improve your speaking abilities including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and practical tips. You learn to really communicate in Chinese. Our classroom creates life-like situations to help you apply what you have learned into authentic conversations, just like when talking to Chinese customers and friends. Because of the interactive nature of the classrooms, participants can also learn from each other.

There are two classrooms with their own level and a slightly different focus:

Elementary to intermediate level

Focuses on pronunciation, sentence structure, practical conversation and efficient and natural use of frequent words. Topics include frequently discussed subjects such as work, hobbies, weather, holidays and simple discussions.

Intermediate level to advanced level

Focuses on effectively expressing yourself and your opinions and stating your arguments. Attention is also given to distinguishing words that seem alike while actually used differently (e.g.忽然 hū rán and 突然 tū rán).

How you prepare for each lesson

Prior to every lesson, you will receive a document with the topic and relevant expressions and/or articles. You need to prepare to participate in the group discussion about these topics.


  • online classroom using Google Meet
  • 4 students per classroom
  • 8 lessons of 1.5 hour each = 12 hours in total
  • €249 euros excl. VAT *
  • Classroom 1: Elementary to intermediate level
  • Classroom 2: Intermediate level to advanced level
  • You will have an intake interview with the teacher to see which level suits you best.
  • The ChinaTalk terms and conditions apply to these services.

* For students in The Netherlands: if the language lessons are not considered to be a vocational training (beroepsopleiding), then they are exempt from VAT.

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About the teacher

Your teacher, Jessica Sun, is a first-degree certified Chinese Language and Culture teacher with many years of practical experience. She is a native speaker of Mandarin, but also speaks English and Dutch. As a native speaker she knows the language like no other.

Would you like a preview? Watch Jessica’s video series on common mistakes when learning Chinese on YouTube.

What other students say

“Jessica is a great teacher and I am utterly happy to have met her. She is fun to learn with, but also has a very clear vision on where we should be heading and is able to exactly follow the path that was mapped out.” – Anonymous student

“[The teacher is] very active, and does a lot of preparations for the classes. [The interaction is] very good, talking a lot about all kinds of different topics helps improve my Chinese.” – Anonymous student

Do you have questions?

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