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At ChinaTalk we offer a number of paid services. But we also share a lot of free content in the form of blogs and videos on our YouTube channel. We regularly help students with their projects (as long as these are not commissioned by commercial organisations) and provide media and podcasts with comments and interviews. All this material – hundreds of articles, more than a hundred videos and various audio recordings – is freely available to anyone visiting our website.

Of course, all that content doesn’t come out of the blue. Every moment that we are not giving a lecture, teaching or organizing a study trip, we study the developments in China. Every day we read hours of news, reports and analyze trends. We convert that knowledge into content that you can find on ChinaTalk’s website for free. Sometimes we even share that content with interested third parties and other websites, but are rarely if ever paid for it.

Sharing knowledge about China is a passion and a labour of love for us. We get a lot of satisfaction from being able to tell our readers about the country and thereby contribute to a more nuanced image of China. At the same time, there must be bread on the table for us as freelancers, because unfortunately we cannot live on satisfaction alone. This is a challenge, especially in the times of the COVID-19 crisis, in which lectures and study trips have turned out to be limited or even impossible.

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