Successful Workshops Chinese Tourism

On 13 and 14 December 2017 ChinaTalk, Horsten International and NextportChina organized their second series of workshops in the Netherlands and in Belgium. For these two sessions the theme was Chinese Tourism. On their website, Horsten International recalls:

“Ed Sander of ChinaTalk started the workshop by giving an introduction about the latest trends and developments of China’s booming outbound tourism, offering big opportunities for many Dutch and Belgian companies active in the tourism and cultural industry.”

“Then Bart Horsten talked about different case studies and best practices of some of Horsten International’s tourism projects, giving a lot of practical tips about how to use offline and online ways to attract more Chinese tourists and making Benelux locations or destinations more ‘China-ready’.”

“After the break Thijs van der Toom of NextportChina gave more insights into the use of Chinese social media and online payment systems to more efficiently engage with the potential Chinese visitors. Finally Ed Sander explained the audience why certain Chinese tourists behave very differently than tourists from other countries and how to react to that.”

The workshops, which were attended by more than 35 participants, were concluded by a Q&A session and a networking receptions.

After the workshop we asked participants to fill out a questionnaire. The opinions were unanimously positive, as can be seen in the results below. Want to join one of our future workshops? Then please sign up for our newsletter on the right to stay informed.