Tech Buzz China is back!

Last month we announced that ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander had joined the Tech Buzz China team as a tech analyst and main writer. The team has now launched its acclaimed Tech Buzz China Insider newsletter on Substack. Please find the official announcement below.

In November and December, we experimented with a new approach for Tech Buzz China content in our paid Tech Buzz China Insider community. We are collaborating with Six Degrees Intelligence, a leading global expert network / quantitative research firm that operates in China, to create articles largely gleaned from multiple proprietary expert interviews you won’t find elsewhere.

You can read the four articles we made available to the Insider community here for free:

Ed Sander and Freya Zhang created the last two articles, edited by Rui. The feedback we received on these four articles has been very positive.

If you are or have been a Tech Buzz China Insider subscriber, you will know Freya Zhang as the community manager for the past 2 years. Freya worked at Beijing-based tech startups for 7 years and felt privileged to experience the rapid growth of China tech. After completing her studies in Australia, she continued to pursue a career in China tech and now lives in Germany.

Ed Sander, from The Netherlands, has been passionate about exploring China’s digital technology since living in Xi’an, China from 2011 to 2013. He has written hundreds of articles for various media and his own website ( and is an active public speaker and study tour leader. We are happy to have him on board.

Today we will restart the paid Tech Buzz China Insider membership on Substack and build on the approach we tested last year, with Ed and Freya continuing to be the main creators of the new articles.

Rui will take a step back from her work for Tech Buzz China: “I am taking more time to devote to my passion and real core skillset, which is early-stage startup investing. For those of you who invested with me via the TBC Syndicate last year, I’m busy trying to figure out what the next iteration looks like in this greatly changed investing environment, but whatever it is, I’ll be sure to open any co-investing opportunities to the TBC Insider community first.”

And don’t worry, Rui will remain active as a Consulting Editor, helping Ed and Freya select topics and doing final editing before publication.

While we will continue the free version Tech Buzz China Substack newsletter, we will focus on publishing our paid Insider newsletter on this platform. We will discontinue the Circles website we’ve previously been using and will make the old content available elsewhere for reference purposes of paying subscribers in the near future.

For those who are active in the Tech Buzz China Insider community on Discord: we will also leave the Discord platform open for you to continue your lively discussions.

The paid version of this newsletter will cost $25 per month or $250 per year and you will receive two deep dive articles per month. This publication schedule will enable us to do even more thorough in-depth research into each topic and produce more elaborate content. For example, we have a 6,500+ word report on the ‘rebirth’ of the social commerce platform Xiaohongshu coming up later today.

Besides the exclusive information from the Six Degrees Intelligence expert network, which will be the basis of each article, we will augment each article with relevant information on recent developments from a selection of Chinese language tech media, which often don’t make it into English language media. We also plan to provide a more visual presentation with diagrams and graphs where possible. Altogether, we consider this to be a further upgrade of our content.

We hope you enjoy the four exclusive free articles and will consider a paid membership. If you need further convincing and want to see if the exclusive content is really worth the membership fee, sign up for a free 7-day trial and you will be able to read the full Xiaohongshu publication.

Thank you for your continued support,

Rui, Freya, and Ed

Tech Buzz China