Video: Humathon – Technology & economy: insights from the crisis

On the 29th of July, Christian Kromme, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander and Simone van Neerven engaged in a Humathon discussion on how this period can and should reshape the relationship between technology & economy.

Under the guidance of moderator Eva Helmond they tackled issues ranging from new economic ecosystems and swarm organisations to self-driving cars, the social crediting system and the question of whether Europe should learn from the US, China or neither.

You can watch the full panel discussion below or a selection of short clips on the Humathon website.

Pictures by Renée Doorn
Hosted at The Hague Tech

About Humathon

Humathon is a worldwide non-profit initiative facilitating essential discussion on what it means to be human in a digital age. They are firm believers in the positive developments technology brings us individually as human beings and collectively to society as a whole. They simultaneously believe that within this progressive era it is important to recognise human values and to value human agency. As they aim to unite entrepreneurs, philosophers, teachers, politicians, artists and business leaders to debate and share views on the impact of technology, artificial intelligence and other ‘smart machines’ on humans personally and more broadly across business, education, politics and our society. Humathon is not a liated with any political party, religion or other.