Watch: The Social Credit System – 3 Biggest Misconceptions

On the 4th of October 2018 ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander gave a lecture about China’s social credit system at the University of Applied Sciences in The Hague, as part of two hour program on government control by himself and Fred Sengers.

In this 28 minute presentation Ed tries to paint a more nuanced picture of the social credit system then those that normally appear in western media. He does so by debunking the 3 biggest misconceptions about the system.

We would like to aplogize for the variations in volume, caused by the venues speaker system.

A longer, 1 hour version of this lecture with more history, examples and discussions can be booked through The Next Speaker or by contacting us.

Special thanks to Rogier Creemers, Genia Kostka, Manya Koetse and Lotus Ruan.