ChinaTalk werkt mee aan China House NHTV

NHTVIn juni werkt ChinaTalk mee aan het China House programma van de NHTV in Breda. Zowel Ed Sander als Jessica Sun zullen een lezing verzorgen binnen hun eigen expertise en met een link naar het Chinees toerisme.

Het NHTV schrijft over het programma:

China is the source of most of the world’s tourists as well as its biggest-spending travellers. Yet the Chinese tourist boom is only just beginning. Knowledge of China and Chinese tourists, of their origins and backgrounds, their preferences and travel needs as well as government decisions influencing tourism in China will be indispensable for people working in hospitality and tourism anywhere in the near future.

Therefore ‘China’ is one of the ‘hotspots’ of NHTV’s international strategy. One of the ‘hotspot’ initiatives is a tryout of five NHTV meet-ups, trying to uncover some of the backgrounds and drivers of the Chinese tourism phenomenon and aiming for a better understanding of Chinese tourists. We kindly invite you to join these meet-ups, which will be a mix of guests, students, staff and you in an ‘ínformal’ setting in one of our buildings in Breda. After registration, we can offer a limited number of seats for free!

We are planning one theme per evening, which will be presented by our interesting guest speakers and discussed with all present. All meet-ups will be in English, with maybe some breaks in Dutch depending on the guests. We plan for the sessions to be interactive and have a list of excellent speakers, which we are very proud of!There could be last-minute changes, though.

  • Wednesday: May 18 – Chinese Outbound Tourists (Ilja Kok, Dineke Koerts)
  • Wednesday: May 25 – Entrepreneurship in tourism and leisure (XU Wenqing, Van Gogh Village Nuenen: Simone van der Heiden, Bureau HTM: Rene Drost)
  • Wednesday: June 1 – China: Tourism, Leisure and Popular Culture (Saying Chen, Prof. dr. Stefan Landsberger)
  • Wednesday: June 8 – Cultural differences and hospitality (Jessica Sun, Guanxi: Puck Stamps, NBTC: Eddie Yang)
  • Wednesday: June 15 – Chinese social media and innovations (Ed Sander, Ruben Terlou)

Wil je een of meerdere sessies bijwonen, stuur dan een e-mail naar Jeroen Vinkesteijn. Het beschikbare aantal plaatsen is beperkt.