About ChinaTalk

ChinaTalk is an initiative founded by Jessica Sun and Ed Sander in 2014.

ChinaTalk provides various services in the field of knowledge transfer about China: language lessons & culture training (both for education and online private lessons), presentations & guest lecturesstudy and inspiration tours, trend and company watching and content creationWe provide nuanced knowledge transfer about China.


ChinaTalk provides knowledge transfer in the field of Chinese language, culture and (digital) technology to students, entrepreneurs and professionals.


ChinaTalk hopes to create greater understanding – both in the sense of insight and comprehension  and the meaning of sympathetic awareness and tolerance – about China, the Chinese, Chinese language and culture and Chinese technological innovation among its customers, thereby contributing to positive cultural cross-fertilization.    


  • Transparent & honest: we like direct and open communication with our customers, suppliers and partners.  
  • Independent & impartial: We are not affiliated with any political party, religion or ideology. We are not by definition pro- or contra-China, look at every issue rationally and form our own opinions based on facts. We don’t think of ourselves as either panda huggers or dragon slayers. We often disagree with both extremely positive and negative images of China and aim to add necessary nuance.
  • Respectful: we respect other views and opinions as long as they are also respectful towards fellow human beings. If we disagree, we are willing to agree to differ.
  • No-nonsense & informal: we try to be ourselves and we don’t pretend to be anything other than what we are. We are well-educated but don’t like blah-blah and buzzwords. We love data and facts and are averse to rabble-rousing. 
  • Sincere: We only offer services about which we are certain we have sufficient knowledge and can deliver a top product. If we are not convinced of our expertise for a particular project or subject, we are happy to refer customers to a suitable party. We do not take kickback fees and refer based on our trust in third parties.
  • Customer-oriented: we respond quickly and completely to questions from our customers and provide a service that matches their individual needs as much as possible.   

Photography: Yvonne van Woudenberg