Team: Ed Sander

Ed Sander has a background in database and online marketing. He worked in marketing departments of several multinational companies in sectors including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, financial services and tourism.

Until 2010, Ed wrote various columns and articles in marketing literature and he is co-author of the award-winning book Event Driven Marketing (2004), its international successor Follow That Customer! (2010) and a former teacher at Beeckestijn Business School.

In 2011, Ed decided to volunteer in China for two years. He worked as a marketing consultant for a number of Chinese non-profit organizations in the central city of Xi’an. He also acted as online marketing manager for the Xi’an International Business Forum and gave several guest lectures at Shaanxi Normal University.

Ed was fascinated by China in all its aspects and especially the speedy digital innovation in the country. In the period 2012-2013 he wrote a total of 35 columns on this subject for the CustomerTalk website. These columns were bundled in the book ChinaTalk – De digitale revolutie in China.

Ed also wrote for various other media such as, China Nu Magazine, CRTV and Twinkle Magazine. All articles from recent years have also been bundled in the China Talk 2 to 6. In total, Ed has written over 250 articles about digital innovation, technology, but also about cultural differences between the west and China. 

In 2023 Ed became a tech analyst and main writer for Tech Buzz China.

Ed regularly lectures in higher education as well as at seminars. He also delivers workshops, in-company training courses and periodical reports on digital innovation trends in China. Some of these lectures can be found in the ChinaTalk YouTube channel.

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Ed developed a series of highly acclaimed study and inspiration tours for ChinaTalk. During these trips, he combines his lectures on digital innovation with immersion in real Chinese life. 

In summary, over the past 10 years Ed has built up in-depth knowledge about culture and digital innovation in China. He shares this knowledge with customers of ChinaTalk. 

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Background & expertise: (Data-driven) Marketing/CRM, China digital tech 

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), Mandarin (B1, HSK3) 

Phone: +31 6 51 214 206