Team: Jessica Sun

Jessica Sun (Sun Hui, 孙慧) was born and raised in China, where she studied Linguistics at Xi’an University of Technology. After graduating, she worked in the tourism industry for 5 years. She was a tour operator and guide for foreign tourists, introducing them to China the country’s culture.

From 2008, Jessica worked for 5 years as a student cousellor at an international secondary school in Xi’an. She supported Chinese students and their parents in choosing a foreign university and the subsequent application procedure. In this role she also worked closely with both the Chinese and international teachers.

In 2013, Jessica moved to the Netherlands. in 2014, after mastering the Dutch language, she started teaching Chinese Language and Culture at secondary schools in Oss, Veghel, Eindhoven and Den Bosch.

In Leiden, Jessica followed a university course in Asian Studies, for which she obtained her Master’s degree in 2020. She continued her studies with the teacher training course in Chinese Language and Culture at ICLON in Leiden. She graduated in March 2021 and is now a certified first-degree teacher of the Chinese language and culture.  

In addition to her work as a teacher, Jessica regularly provides (in-company) training courses and guest lectures on cultural differences between China and the west.

For ChinaTalk’s study and inspiration tours Jessica provides procurement and communication with local agent in China.  

For detailed information, visit Jessica Sun’s LinkedIn profile.

Background & expertise: Education (Chinese Language & Culture), Tourism (in China), cultural differences.

Languages: Mandarin (mother tongue), English (C1), Dutch (B2) 

Phone: +31 6 47 179 644 


Photography: Yvonne van Woudenberg