ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander joins Tech Buzz China

ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander has joined the Tech Buzz China (TBC) team as tech analyst and main writer. Ed: “I’m really excited to join the platform that has been so important for my own learning and understanding of the world of China’s digital technology companies.”

After a maternity leave absence of TBC founder Rui Ma, the Tech Buzz China Insider newsletter returned in November 2022. In its updated format TBC experimented with a new approach for content and Ed and TBC’s community manager Freya Zhang helped write some of the articles, among which the Temu article that was re-published on ChinaTalk yesterday.

Rui: “We are collaborating with Six Degrees Intelligence, a leading global expert network / quantitative research firm that operates in China, to create articles that were largely gleaned from multiple proprietary expert interviews you won’t find elsewhere.”

Ed: “In February we will be restarting the Tech Buzz China paid membership while opening it to anybody interested. We will build on the approach we tested last year, with me and Freya continuing to be the main creators for the new content. Rui will be taking a step back from her work for Tech Buzz China to devote more time to her passion of early-stage startup investing. She will however remain active as a Consulting Editor, helping me and Freya select topics and doing some final editing before publication.”

What does this mean for ChinaTalk?

“The impact on ChinaTalk should be mainly positive”, Ed explains. “While I will have to dedicate a portion of my time researching and writing for Tech Buzz China, I should still be able to continue publishing articles and videos on ChinaTalk, albeit at a lower frequency. There are also topics I like to write about that are less relevant for TBC and will continue to find a home on ChinaTalk.” As for his role as keynote speaker and study tour leader for ChinaTalk, Ed is convinced that the work for TBC will only make him more informed and thereby able to provide even higher added value in these services.

About Tech Buzz China

Tech Buzz China is a media outlet for investors, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts who want in-depth, full-context unique perspectives and takeaways on China tech. It became well-known through its biweekly free podcast and later pivioted to a paid invite-only community Tech Buzz China Insider.

Tech Buzz China team: Rui, Freya, Ed

About Ed Sander

Ed is co-founder of ChinaTalk, a Dutch service provider specialized in knowledge transfer about China. As a digital China tech analyst, independent writer, study tour leader and public speaker, Ed comments on developments in China in his publications and various media.

Ed lived in China from 2011 to 2013, working as a marketing consultant in Chinese NGOs in the central city of Xi’an and is married to a Chinese. He also acted as online marketing manager for the Xi’an International Business Forum and guest-lectured at Shaanxi Normal University. He still spends several months in China each year.

Ed has published hundreds of articles about digital technology, but also about cultural differences between the west and China. He developed a series of highly acclaimed study and inspiration tours for entrepreneurs and professionals. As a China tech expert, Ed is regularly invited to radio and TV programs in The Netherlands and Belgium.