Jessica Sun in the Our Cultures & Our World Podcast

In January 2023, ChinaTalk’s Jessica Sun was a guest on Mei Yang’s Our Cultures and Our World podcast. Jessica co-founded ChinaTalk in 2014 together with her husband Ed Sander, a China Techwatcher who in November was interviewed (in Dutch) for episode nr. 2 of the podcast. China Talk provides knowledge transfer in the field of Chinese language, culture, and (digital) technology to students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Since 2014, Jessica has been teaching Chinese Language and Culture at various secondary schools, vocational schools, and universities. She also teaches business people to learn Chinese.

In this podcast, Mei talked with Jessica about her life as a teacher in The Netherlands, and about how she builds connections with her students, who range from 9 to 70 years old. We also discussed the cultural differences and many other differences between Chinese and Dutch education.

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