Content Creation Services

ChinaTalk can help you create content in various formats.


In the past 10 years we have written hundreds of articles about China, with special focus on digital innovations and cultural differences. Besides our own website, our articles have appeared on/in,, Twinkle magazine, China Nu magazine, CRTV magazine, Focusplaza’s annual Trends books and many other publications.

Expert interviews

We are frequently interviewed by the media, including RTL-Z, Business News Radio, NPO and Kanaal-Z as well as various business literature publications. Examples can be found in our Yoube Channel.

We have also participated in many podcasts by Business News Radio and others.


ChinaTalk can record and edit videos for your training programs, online events, etc. An example of this service is an explainer video about live commerce we created for Robeco. Click here for a short compilation of this session.

Another example is a series of videos we have created for an e-learning program on China.

These videos can be streamed at online events or hosted at our or your website, where they can be accessed (with ot without password).

Studio Presentations

Besides regular presentations and key notes at your event or (in-company) training and lectures for educational institutions we can also deliver presentations at your hybrid event or studio broadcast. We have done so for clients including Focusplaza, T-Mobile, Emerce and World Horticulture Center.

Are you looking for content for your publication, website, webinar or event? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the many possibilities.