The Saxion Q&A Sessions – Part 2: Social Media and Censorship

In March 2017 ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander gave a series of lectures for the students of Saxion’s minor ‘Doing business with China’. The lectures, which covered topics like e-commerce, social media and consumer behavior took the form of Q&A sessions. The students, after doing self-study on the week’s topic, would submit their questions prior to the lecture. Ed would then give the answers and have further discussions with the students.

One of the lectures concerned Chinese social media and internet censorship. In the five videos below we have combined the slides and recorded audio of the lecture to create so-called slidecasts. Each video, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes answers one or more of the student’s questions. Click on the images to watch each video on YouTube.

In the near future we will also post videos for the lectures on e-commerce.