Video: Inside China’s Unmanned Stores

In the past months ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander extensively researched and wrote about China’s New Retail initiatives. A total of eight articles were written, two of which are still to be published in May (click here for all published Dutch articles).

One of the topics Ed wrote about are China’s unmanned stores; staffless stores that give the consumer access by scanning a QR-code. While visiting Shanghai Ed tried out one of these stores: the Auchan Minute store. In the video below he shares his experience.

Note: the video claims that this is one of China’s Bingoboxes, however after a recent conversation with Bingobox’s CEO Chen Chilam I was informed that Bingobox no longer co-operates with Auchan and Auchan Minute is basically Auchan’s own version of a Bingobox. The Bingobox stores do not feature self-scanning but instead use RFID-tag or image recognition scanning.

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