Fifth edition of Saxion minor ‘Doing Business with China’

The second semester of the 2020/2021 finds Saxion University of Applied Sciences organising their minor Doing Business with China for the fifth time. As in previous years, ChinaTalk is supporting Saxion with a series of lectures and support for the business case that some 20 students from various countries are working on.

As in previous editions ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander is delivering three lectures for the minor. Students selected the topics of the lectures from ChinaTalk’s portfolio based on the relevance to the business case. Additional material from previously recorded lectures on ChinaTalk’s YouTube channel add extra basic knowledge.

Lectures delivered in this edition are:

  • e-Commerce in China (with special attention to cross-border e-commerce and live-streaming e-commerce)
  • WeChat mini programs and social media (with special attention to WeChat mini shops and short-video apps)
  • Morality & Ethics (a topic with high importance for the client of the business case)

Business Case

Besides lectures, language lessons and assignments for presentations, each edition of the minor comes with a real-life business case the students work on in different groups. For this edition ChinaTalk facilitated the contact between Saxion and the client for the business case, a brand in innovative wallets that had previously joined one of ChinaTalk’s study tours. The clients is evaluating their China strategy and thus an excellent case for the students to work on.

The students are divided in four groups, working on different aspects of the business case:

  • Customers: Segmentation and targeting.
  • Product and Price: Definition of a product and price strategy.
  • Promotion: Storytelling. Definition of the positioning strategy and channels.
  • Distribution: Market entry definition and retail strategy.

Corporate social responsibility and eastern philosophy play an important role in the client’s business. Therefore the proposals of each group will be ‘audited’ against a set of values. For this reason one of the lectures will focus on exploring the landscape of morals and ethics in China and the role they play in work culture and online strategies.

Besides the lectures ChinaTalk will also provide feedback on the various group proposals.

Also interested in ChinaTalk support?

ChinaTalk helps educational institutions and companies (see our list of referrals) with China related content, workshops, lectures, etc. If you are interested in letting your staff or students learn more about China, feel free to contact us.

About the Saxion minor

The course is designed to teach students the knowledge and skills they need in order to conduct business in China with confidence and also to benefit from Chinese business opportunities in Europe. Students are challenged to tackle issues arising from real international business cases involving China and The Netherlands. The minor forms invaluable preparation for future business professionals. Students are invited to find solutions to real business cases and provide advice to the real client.

More information about the minor can be found here.