Sogeti and ChinaTalk cooperate on study tour to China

From March 30th to April 30th 2019 Sogeti, a division of Capgemini, and ChinaTalk are offering Sogeti’s customer base a unique study tour to Beijing and Shanghai.

From Sogeti’s website:

“The economic and digital developments in China are going very fast. In order to better understand the way digital life and economy is developing this study tour will provide you deeper insights:

  • China Expert Ed Sander will be our host companion that will shape the context of the Chinese platform economy and culture.
  • Guided City safari’s in Beijing and Shanghai will make you experience China’s hottest new retail formula’s like unmanned stores.
  • Capgemini’s consultants from our local operation in China will share business insights and their vision on digital China.

Besides assisting Sogeti with the development of the study tour’s program and providing several lectures on eCommerce, WeChat and New Retail, ChinaTalk’s Ed Sander will also guide the participants on so-called ‘city safaris’.

Ed explains:“Of course it’s very valuable to attend lectures on China’s digital innovation, like the ones I will deliver during the program. But things really start coming to life and a real sense of understanding starts to arise when people get out of the meeting rooms. Out in the real world they can actually see things like mobile payment, food delivery, shared bikes and unmanned stores in China’s metropolitan cities like Beijing and Shanghai. That’s why we take participants of this tour into the hussle and bussle of the city to see for themselves.”

“Furthermore, it is our belief that exposure to the cultural background of China’s development, a thorough understanding of the Chinese consumer’s mindset and seeing their way of life helps build a cross-cultural appreciation. As such we will let participants experience different types of Chinese regional cuisines and who knows, we might even take them on a metro ride or to a karaoke session.”

Besides the city safaris and lectures that Ed provides, the study trip will have local Capgemini consultants sharing their learnings and other speakers and interesting company visits, like a tour of a live-streaming studio where key opinion leaders (KOLs) are trained and broadcasted. And of course, we will experience China’s high-spreed trains when travelling from Beijing to Shanghai.

For more information, please visit Sogeti’s website.