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In 2014 the Chinese government announced the implementation of a social credit system in 2020. In recent years many different local pilots, as well as a centrally administrated joint punishment system have been initiated. Many western media have described the system as Orwellian and dystopian and often compared it to an episode of the popular TV series Black Mirror. But thorough research by academics published in a variety of papers paints a more nuanced picture. In this session, China tech watcher Ed Sander will discuss the origins, elements and biggest misconceptions about the social credit system. His lecture is followed […]

St. James’s Place Speaker Series: China’s Social Credit System Explained

In the past months I have had the opportunity to tell students of several universities and universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands about the misconceptions around China’s social credit system. During one of these guest lectures we asked the students to do their own research about the topic and present their views before I did my talk. The result was shocking … In their own desk research using maninstream media they had been convinced by the same misconceptions I was trying to debunk. My own presentation left them baffled about the misinformation that they had found in the media […]

China’s Social Credit System – Revisited and Extended

For several years the media have been fascinated with China’s social credit system. Every couple of months the topic raises its ugly head again. Scary stories about an Orwellian society where everybody gets a score have the public rage on social media against the inhumane situation in China. But having studied the social credit system for the same number of years I have found that the media not only presents misinterpretations to their viewers and readers, it also knowingly misinforms them. I worked as an international volunteer at a Chinese NGO in a time of scandals about China’s Red Cross. […]

Blending Fact and Fiction – How Mainstream Media Misinform Us About the Social Credit System

Recent was het weer zo ver. Na een uitzending van Tegenlicht waarop nogal wat aan te merken was laaide de discussie over China’s sociale kredietsysteem weer op. Vooral tegenstanders van de ‘sleepwet’ waar een paar weken later in een referendum op gestemd kon worden grepen het aan als een voorbeeld van ‘zo’n maatschappij’, en dus de sleepwet, die we toch echt niet moeten willen in Nederland. Dit alles gaat gepaard met een aantal hardnekkige misverstanden die al vier jaar de ronde doen op het internet en in de media in het algemeen. Ik wil in dit artikel nogmaals proberen deze […]

China’s Sociaal Kredietsysteem is niet wat je denkt